We made a Twitter!

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Hi there! (¬‿¬) We just started up our twitter and will be using it to share small updates along w/ all of our commissioned work. We'll also be hosting raffles / giveaways / contests there, so if you're into that we would love if you follow us ^^

We're grateful for your continued support 。^‿^。


Artist applications LIVE


We're hiring!

Sorta . . .

I hope everyone had a warm Christmas. As you may know, art is the backbone of our studio. For the last year, we've been commissioning artists through DeviantArt and finding talent by going through tons of art. To streamline this process, we've just opened up a rolling application for artists that are available for commissions HERE. This'll help bring talented artists to our attention and shorten the commission process. We encourage everyone to apply ▼ω▼


Even if we don't have a match for one of our commercial projects, we're always looking for art to post on our social media. Because of this, we're constantly commissioning a wide range of artists ツ. Be sure to apply if you're interested, and please spread the word to any of your artistic friends (∩_∩)

 Early Naoko concept art

Early Naoko concept art

See you before the New Year.


New website + studio updates


Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our new website! We're now using the more ~trendy~ kaminari.io from here on out. Along with all of our social media pages (links below) we'll be posting updates here regularly. We have some exciting projects planned for 2018 too and we'll be sharing exclusive updates here on our site. For now, here are some updates:


 Our mascot Rina, illustrated by  GigaMessy

Our mascot Rina, illustrated by GigaMessy

1. We're an official business now!

Prior to this, we had been just operating as a few dudes making apps. We filed our paperwork with the government in November to become a legitimate studio. This gives us more freedom and power to pursue our game development ツ


2. Play Store + Steam

Our first release in early 2018 will be for Android. We're also working on a JRPG and a Visual Novel which will both be our first Steam releases. We're in the process of reaching out to artists and will post updates / art updates here.


3. Studio goals

Our studio goals are to produce high quality anime-style games and to design games based on what players want. We read every email, comment, and review. We will do our best to make games that you all will be happy to play.