Shiba Love Story

Shiba Love Story is a hastened Visual Novel that is centered around a Shiba Inu attending an all-girls high school as the first male student. The game will be released on Android and iOS mobile devices ~June 28th, 2018.


Tons of routes

Optimized for mobile, Shiba Love Story (DLS) features 18 different endings with each play through lasting around 5 minutes. There are a variety of endings for every kind of player ranging from romantic to comedic. Every choice you make within the story will have an immediate impact on the route you're going down. 

Cute girls

Attending an all-girls high school has its benefits. During his time at the school, our Shiba Inu interacts with 3 main girls. Depending on his behavior, he will have the opportunity to create lasting friendships or develop lifelong enemies.  Either way, he's just happy they're all cute.



Dedicated updates

The main story is centered around a Shiba Inu's high school days. However, with each update we'll be adding more content and additional stories for him to star in.